HelpGUI, the Java Help Viewer
  Latest release : HelpGUI 1.1 | Sunday, Apr 22 2018

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  • Edit your table of content as xml file

  • Just include the helpgui.jar file on your classpath to use it

  • Create the differents web pages and their can include Web links,
        locals links (to another help page),images, css style, ...

  • HelpGUI is translated on 10 languages and use Locale Resources Bundles

  • HelpGUI includes differents themes icons (bluecurve, crystal, gtk, java, jfa, kde, plastic, windows)

  • HelpGUI work as a web browser and use home/previous/next buttons

  • HelpGUI could print the page you'are watching

  • Bookmarks the pages on the frame

Copyright (c), 2003-2005 Alexandre THOMAS